Vice-President Finance

D-Foot International is looking for a Vice-President Finance.

Do you want to become involved and do you meet the criteria?

Function description and criteria

Fulfil the mandate of Director and Vice-President Finance of D-Foot International ivzw for one term of office until December 2021, which may be renewed.

  • Be a Director of the Board.
  • Hold one vote in the Board and the General Assembly.
  • Attend, in person or by telephone/video conference or other means that allow for interactive communication, two to four Board meetings and one General Assembly meeting per year. 
  • Be a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Possibly chair this committee.
  • Review the monthly financial statements with the CEO.
  • Review the annual financial statements and balance sheet prepared by the external accountant. 
  • Present the audited annual financial statements to the Board and the General Assembly.
  • Assist the Board and CEO in preparing and managing the annual budget. Note: the CEO and an external accountancy agency manage the day-to-day accounting.
  • Assist the Board and CEO in developing appropriate business practices, in financial management and other relevant areas.
  • Give advice in matters of finance, governance and business practice (e.g. contracts).
  • If possible, propose funding/sponsorship opportunities. Note: while the role of the Vice-President Finance is not primarily to raise funds, all members of the Board are asked to be alert for sponsorship opportunities when they present themselves.
  • Be qualified in accounting and have financial skills and experience.
  • The Vice-President Finance does not need to have a medical or associate healthcare professional background or training, nor will the person in this position be asked to consult or take responsibility in any medical matters.
  • Prior knowledge of Belgian financial systems and geographical proximity to Belgium are assets.
  • D-Foot International provides all Directors with D&O Liability insurance (AIG).
  • All Board positions are voluntary, without remuneration or honorarium. D-Foot reimburses agreed expenses such as travel, accommodation and out-of-pocket expenses).

If you are interested to become involved in D-Foot and you meet the criteria, please contact José Luis Lázaro Martínez, President, at

For information: Articles of Association