International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP-IFP)

Advancing podiatry worldwide through education, advocacy and strategic alliances for the benefit of those with foot and ankle ailments.

In diabetic foot care and prevention, podiatry skills are crucial to help achieve a positive outcome. The podiatrist plays a central role not only in early ulcer referral but also in their specialist management. Additionally, they are uniquely placed to provide optimal primary and secondary care to people with diabetes whose feet are at risk.

D-Foot and FIP-IFP entered into a formal collaboration to enhance the profile of podiatry worldwide.

Unfortunately, only a few countries offer podiatry care.

Studies show that introducing podiatry care significantly reduces the number of ulcers and amputations and is beneficial to the quality of life of people with diabetes.

D-Foot and FIP-IFP entered into a formal collaboration:

• to promote and advocate for the recognition of podiatry in countries where podiatry is not yet officially recognised;

• to recognise and promote quality diabetic foot care according to 4 competency levels;

• to offer and organise quality standardised diabetic footcare education to healthcare professionals worldwide, according to the proposed 4 competency levels of podiatry care

• to ensure that patients consistently receive quality care from skilled practitioners professionally qualified at the level appropriate to their role, responsibilities and competency.

The two organisations work together to achieve the joint objectives but remain independent and separate legal entities.
D-Foot organises Train-the-Foot-Trainer educational programmes for healthcare professionals, involving national governments, to integrate quality diabetic footcare in daily clinical practice and relevant national healthcare systems in order to enhance the quality of diabetic foot care and management worldwide.

FIP-IFP actively encourages governments and ministries of health to recognise the profession of podiatrist and encourage the establishment of a professional association of podiatry in countries where D-Foot is active and no podiatry association exists.