Eliana Marques Gomes da Silva (Brazil)

D-Foot SACA Regional Chair Nomination Award winner

Life in the Brazilian Amazon region is tough: rivers instead of roads, few qualified healthcare professionals and disorganised public service. More than half of the estimated 280,000 people with diabetes have foot problems. 

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Nalini Campillo (Dominican Republic)

During my academic training, I witnessed in the emergency room how a woman with diabetes cried together with the doctors at the news of an above-knee amputation. That episode made me become passionate for diabetic foot.

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Elizabeth Ruth Choudhry (UAE)

Whether we are working in our clinics or driving home after a long day at work, it is a little comforting to know that we are not alone in facing the current health crisis. 

Meet Elizabeth Ruth Choudhry.

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Simone McConnie (Barbados)

At the time, there were so many general practitioners in Barbados that I thought podiatry was a wonderful branch of medicine. And that I should go and do that. Then I grew up and faced reality…

Meet Simone McConnie.

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