A message from the President (January 2020)

In a short while, one year will have passed since the Board took over from the pioneer leadership. Building on their achievements, we ensured the continuity of key ongoing projects initiated during the previous term of office, and created new ones.

We were pleased to receive quite a few enthusiastic responses on the overhauled website. Thank you for all your useful comments and suggestions! We are always hungry for contributions to make our online presence a shared platform for the benefit of the international diabetic foot community to exchange ideas, opinions and concerns. Do write to me on president@d-foot.org if you would like to see your initiative featured or you have a suggestion on how we could make the site more relevant for you.

Last January, D-Foot organised a successful Train-the-Foot-Trainer Middle East in Abu Dhabi. The training course was led by an expert international faculty and attended by 50 diabetic foot specialists from 14 countries in the MENA Region and a number of other participants from outside the region. We are determined to continue our mission to implement and promote the best standards of care adapted to diverse local realities and circumstances.

Following the publication of the POINT Document in December 2019, POINT has now been expanded into a wider programme of related projects. Behind the scenes, the POINT Level 1 Curriculum is being developed. More information to be released soon.

Concept ideas about the D-Foot International Diabetic Foot Academy are beginning to take shape. This project will enable diabetic foot healthcare professionals to train at an expert level in carefully selected reference centres. Offloading will be the first area in which we’d like to engage. We hope to announce the conditions of enrolment and the operational modalities soon.

D-Foot is proud to report the recently forged stakeholder relationship with the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO). We look forward to working closely with ISPO to create synergy between the D-Foot FLIRT-Bird project and ISPO’s rehabilitation strategies.

Last but not least, we have started to prepare the D-Foot International Summit, scheduled to be held in early December. The event will be another opportunity to reinforce our network and discuss our role in improving the prevention and management of diabetic foot worldwide. 

Other initiatives are in the pipeline.

If you are interested in what we do and would like to contribute, I invite you to become a member or support us in another way. Click the [Support us!] button in the menu bar above.

With kind regards

 signature josé luis

José Luis Lázaro Martínez