Michael Edmonds

Board Commendation Award to Professor Michael Edmonds for Global Advocacy for Prevention of Lower Limb Amputations and Education of Health Care Professionals in Diabetic Foot Care.

Professor Michael Edmonds is the founder of the Diabetic Foot Clinic at King’s College Hospital. Two years after the establishment of the clinic in 1981, the Foot Service achieved a 50% reduction in major amputations. This standard was adopted by the World Health Organisation and International Diabetes Federation in the St Vincent Declaration in 1989 to improve the outlook of diabetic patients. 

Over the last 40 years, in King’s College Hospital’s Diabetic Foot Clinic, a further reduction in major amputation has been achieved and a very low amputation rate has been steadily maintained. 

The King’s Foot Clinic led by Professor Edmonds is widely accepted as the ideal model of care and has been duplicated in many diabetic foot clinics in the UK and Europe. The Clinic has a strong educational role, receiving visitors from many parts of the world including Bulgaria, Greece, USA, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria, Sudan, Norway, Slovenia, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Sweden, India, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Malta, Egypt, Libya, Canada, West Indies, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Slovenia, Lithuania, Tunisia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Tanzania. 

The main form of teaching is practical patient-based teaching which is carried out whilst patients are treated in the Foot Clinic. The Foot Team teaches national and international healthcare professionals who attend training in diabetic foot care to enable them to set up their own diabetic foot clinics or improve their services. 

Over the years, Professor Edmonds has acted as a mentor to many healthcare professionals globally offering them support, advice, encouragement, as well as praising their work. In the last two years, Mike actively supported D-Foot International Diabetic Foot Awareness Week and delivered a pivotal lecture on “The role of the multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic to prevent lower limb amputations”, He was instrumental in the development of a decision tool on diabetic foot care during the COVID-19 pandemic, a practical resource available on the D-Foot website. 

Professor Edmonds and the team at King’s are now actively involved in the development of an online short course entitled “King’s Diabetic Foot: Principles and Practice” as part of a postgraduate training programme from King’s College London which will be launched in October 2021. This 6-week distant learning programme aims to provide a practical approach to the management of the neuropathic foot, Charcot foot and ischaemic foot using visually rich resources including videos and images taken in clinic featuring patients from King’s College Hospital.