Abu Dhabi — Inaugural meeting of the MENA Regional Council, January 2020

The opening meeting of D-Foot International MENA Regional Council took place on 21st January 2020 in conjunction with the “Train the Foot Trainer” programme organised by D-Foot International in Abu Dhabi. 

The meeting, chaired by the Regional Chair Zahid Miyan, was attended by country representatives from Palestine, Iran, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sudan and UAE. 

Professor José Luis Lázaro Martínez, President of D-Foot International,  introduced the aims, objectives and structure of the organisation.  The Regional Chair Zahid Miyan explained the purpose and function of the MENA Regional Council. The proposal of the establishment of a Regional Council in MENA region was well received and was supported by all delegates and the Country Representatives were invited to join. This was the official foundational establishment of the D-Foot International MENA Regional Council.

At this meeting, it was discussed and agreed that raising awareness of diabetic foot complications, training health care professionals and establishing foot clinics at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels are the major needs and priorities of the region. The participants expressed their determination to make efforts to achieve these objectives.