Tools for managing diabetic foot in a COVID-19 setting

COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our lives and has significantly altered the organisation of health services and in particular the diabetic foot care. Health systems overload and the recommendations to reduce the number of patients in hospitals, as well as the length of their hospital stays, forces us to improve coordination with primary care in order to continue attending to patients with diabetic foot with safe and avoiding complications.

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Diabetic foot and COVID-19

Information on COVID-19 from D-Foot International, IWGDF Guidance and Diabetic Foot Australia

These are unprecedented times, where a global pandemic disrupts all aspects of local clinical practice. Yet, providing care for people with diabetic foot disease remains crucial: as clinicians caring for these patients, we can play our role in the Corona-crisis, by doing everything we can to keep our patients with diabetic foot disease-free from the hospital. Every hospital bed not needed by a person with diabetic foot disease gives room for a patient suffering from COVID-19.

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D-Foot statement on diabetic foot and COVID-19

Statement from D-Foot International on the global COVID-19 crisis

The current crisis of COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically, changing our work habits and daily activities. We are living through very difficult and hard times, which perhaps only resemble those experienced in the world wars of the early and mid-twentieth century. The pandemic is hitting all countries hard, regardless of their resources and health systems and is challenging the ability of healthcare professionals and our society to act. 

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WHO COVID-19 training

To respond to the global COVID-19 health crisis, WHO released an online training package as a companion to the Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response.

These learning packages consists of 3 modules with videos and downloadable presentations.

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Diabetes foot care in the COVID-19 pandemic

A commentary by the Diabetic Foot Clinic, King’s College Hospital, London, UK, to help all healthcare professionals who are treating people living with diabetes and particularly those with foot problems.

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