Diabetic foot and COVID-19

Information on COVID-19 from D-Foot International, IWGDF Guidance and Diabetic Foot Australia

These are unprecedented times, where a global pandemic disrupts all aspects of local clinical practice. Yet, providing care for people with diabetic foot disease remains crucial: as clinicians caring for these patients, we can play our role in the Corona-crisis, by doing everything we can to keep our patients with diabetic foot disease-free from the hospital. Every hospital bed not needed by a person with diabetic foot disease gives room for a patient suffering from COVID-19.

The increasing pressure from the Corona-crisis on healthcare systems around the world means practising evidence-based care in accordance with IWGDF and other guidelines is becoming increasingly challenging. Clinicians around the world are facing this challenge and asking:

What can we do to provide evidence-based care with increasingly limited physical resources?

IWGDF GuidelinesD-Foot International and Diabetic Foot Australia are teaming up to try and answer these kinds of questions. We will try to answer them as best we can, with the help of our global network of leading experts in diabetic foot disease from all fields and continents.


Please be aware: these answers are not medical advice, and we do not assume any liability or responsibility for damages or injury to any person or property arising from any use of any information, idea, or instruction contained below. Please also note: this website will not always be perfect, and we may not be able to answer your exact question, but in the face of a global crisis, we hope that collectively we can help each other make the best local evidence-based decisions with the global minds and resources we have available to us.

The questions and answers on this page are moderated, to ensure experts from the IWGDF Guidelines working groups and elsewhere have had time to reflect and review. We welcome feedback and ideas, via e-mail or social media, that helps bring us all closer to our global goal in this current Corona-crisis of keeping as many of our patients free from the hospital as possible. Our diabetic foot community together acting locally can help achieve this globally.

Do you have a question for our experts? Stay tuned as this will be coming soon!