Tools for managing diabetic foot in a COVID-19 setting

COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our lives and has significantly altered the organisation of health services and in particular the diabetic foot care. Health systems overload and the recommendations to reduce the number of patients in hospitals, as well as the length of their hospital stays, forces us to improve coordination with primary care in order to continue attending to patients with diabetic foot with safe and avoiding complications.

D-Foot International in collaboration with the International Diabetic Foot Care Group has developed a series of tools to assist in the care of diabetic foot patients during COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

These tools are:

• The adaptation of the Fast-track Pathway to the current crisis of COVID-19 and Beyond, with the development of the COVID Fast-track pathway, where the criteria on which patients can be treated in primary care and which require specialised care are updated. Fast-track-pathway-2.0.pdf

• The creation of a toolbox for General Practitioners and Community Nurses, based on the standard of care for diabetic foot ulcers, providing a simple and agile version of the recommendations to follow in the management of these patients. DFU_Toolbox_for_non_specialists-compressed.pdf

• The elaboration of patient instructions sheet, to allow in a simple way the dressing changes at home by the own patient or his caregivers/relatives. Patient_self-care_Instruction_sheet_D-Foot.pdf

You can also view webinar with the introduction of these tools at this link: Diabetic foot and COVID-19 tools