The Board of D-Foot International has 5 members, appointed for a term of office of approximately 2 years.

José Luis Lázaro Martínez


Podiatric surgeon in Madrid.

”During the past 20 years that I’ve been working in the field of diabetic foot, I’ve come to realise there’s still a huge gap in awareness and education among healthcare professionals about diabetic foot. In spite of guidelines and expert clinical evidence, we seem to be unable to reduce the number of avoidable lower limb amputations. I joined D-Foot to help implement standards of care through education and proven clinical tools.”

Vijay Viswanathan


Diabetologist in Chennai.

”During the past 30 years, I’ve created and implemented a model to prevent amputation in the developing world and developed footwear for people with diabetes. I joined D-Foot International to share my experience with others working in the developing world. I am convinced that, if everyone in the organisation joins hands, we can certainly reduce the amputation rate globally."

Heidi Corcoran


Podiatrist in Hong Kong.

”My aim is help share and exchange knowledge and experience from the countries who have already integrated the management of diabetic foot problems into their public health strategy, with those, like my own, who are in the earlier stages of development. My hope is that every person with diabetes, no matter where they live, has access to a team of trained D-Foot professionals who have the resources to provide a structured, evidence-based care plan for their feet.”

Nina Petrova


Clinical research fellow and lecturer in London.

”Within my professional career, I have worked in two completely different systems: initially in Bulgaria where there was minimal provision of foot care and more recently in the UK within an advanced multi-disciplinary foot clinic. I truly believe that there is a global need to reduce the differences of diabetic foot care delivery between countries and continents. I would like to offer D-Foot International my enthusiasm and optimism that together we can make a difference.”

Gulapar Srisawasdi


Physiatrist and pedorthist in Bangkok

”Therapeutic footwear is essential for keeping diabetic foot ulcers under control and preventing new ones from developing. We must all work together to develop footwear made from materials that are affordable, durable and readily available. And education is key to help solve mobility problems in daily life through better and adapted shoes.”

Luc Hendrickx

Advisor to the Board

”Tell me the outcome you want to achieve and I’ll help you make a plan to get there, and then carry it out together with you.

I sharpen everyone’s understanding of why we do things, introduce governance and operational methodology. And I manage activities so we get results. I try to reduce the admin load volunteers bear so they can focus on what’s essential and don’t end up with volunteer burn-out. And I fix kinks and do whatever else needs doing.”