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Auditing, Benchmarking and Accreditation: in search of excellence

D-Foot encourages national expert diabetic foot units to become centres of excellence under the AB(b)A label and recognised as national reference centres.

The aim of the AB(b)A project is to improve the global organisation to treat diabetic patients with foot problems in specific levels of care, to accredit the path of care, to analyse and to evaluate the different results, and to compare and improve quality of care with a holistic, patient-centred approach).

Our project comes from the need to create multidisciplinary and multi-professional standardised pathways around the world of diabetic foot care based on four levels of care.

Different levels but similar goals to treat patients with diabetic foot or at risk of injuries of any kind of levels characterised by its specificity and complexity (from outpatients first aid to more critical inpatients)

Objectives and outcomes

  • Create a multidisciplinary, multi-professional team 
  • Create standardized pathways  for diabetic foot care
  • Create a process for auditing and improvements

 Project needs and priorities

  • Improve global diabetic foot approach.
  • Measure what we do and analyse the results.
  • Encourage clinicians to focus on the issue of geographical variation. systematic benchmarking
  • Engage Team in a stable practical community to identify integration gaps and practical models of integrated care.

Creating excellence in diabetic foot care

  • Implement national or local diabetic foot programmes (different organisational levels).
  • Create a standard global care pathway (everywhere: healthcare district, hospital, and continuity of care). Who, what and where.
  • Create a process to audit, improve and integrate teams by measuring what and how they perform. 

Project leads: Roberto Anichini, Lee C. Rogers