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An online diabetic foot course for healthcare professionals

e-Footcare is an international online diabetic foot course for healthcare professionals.

The programme is a co-production of D-Foot international and the Université Numérique Francophone Mondiale (UNFM), with an unrestricted grant from the Urgo Foundation. It has been designed with international experts to provide free access for professionals who take care of persons living with diabetes in order to reduce diabetic foot complications leading to amputations.

The programme consists of a series of PowerPoint slide sets with video presentations on a number of topics related to the fundamentals of foot examination, risk stratification and basic management including management of simple wounds/ulcers. Each slide set highlights key messages and objectives with the option of undertaking a self-assessment multiple choice question and answer section.

Short videos of essential gestures are also available.

All lectures and gestures have sub-titles in different languages.

Further topics will be added in the near future. Your comments and suggestions will help us to improve the course.