Fast-track pathway for diabetic foot ulceration

D-Foot International is engaged in projects that aim to make a real difference to people with and at risk of diabetic foot.

All over the world, the advent of specialist diabetic foot clinics has clearly demonstrated a year-on-year improvement in clinical outcomes for patients presenting with ulcerations.

Thus there has been the push to establish more multidisciplinary foot clinics or specialist foot centres. However, one big enemy that still persists, even in areas where these clinics exist, is a late presentation or delayed referrals to the clinic. The factors contributing to these late presentations can be multifactorial, starting from patient’s awareness, knowledge and awareness of the healthcare professionals, the degree of interlinking with the specialist centres.

However, one possible solution to the problem of late referral is having a clear and simple pathway that is well known or understood by all healthcare professionals that come into contact with patients with diabetic foot ulceration.