The Diabetic Charcot Foot: Principles and Management

Robert G. Frykberg DPM, MPH, (Ed.).

This text, published just over a decade ago, remains as the only currently available compilation of thought and experience by 44 recognized global experts on the diabetic Charcot foot.

Although some advancements (and reaffirmations) have subsequently been made in our understanding of the pathophysiology as well as management of this enigmatic disorder, the underlying pathogenesis and management principles remain unchanged.

The 20-chapter subject matter ranges from etiologic pro-inflammatory cytokine disturbances to natural history, clinical presentation and diagnosis, imaging guidelines, and medical, biomechanical, pharmacologic, and surgical principles for management.

Since surgical management has assumed a greater role in recent decades, six chapters have been devoted specifically to various surgical approaches and techniques commonly utilized to address the chronic neuropathic deformities leading to ulceration, infection, and gangrene. While some techniques and devices might have improved over the ensuing years, the basic concept of providing a stable, plantigrade, shoeable Charcot foot remains the same today as in the past.

This work should be a valuable resource for those less familiar with the peculiarities of this often misunderstood complication of peripheral neuropathy.  Yet, much is still to be learned about this complex disorder and, as Charcot himself stated, “Sera continue’’- to be continued.