A feared complication

Foot problems are one of the most common complications of diabetes, and the most feared.


Up to 1 in 4 of all people with diabetes who have a loss of sensation to their feet will develop an ulcer in their lifetime.

When that happens, over time, an amputation may follow in most people, and with it, their ability to work, see their friends, look after their kids and go about their lives.

It doesn't have to be like this. The good news is that proper foot care can often prevent amputation. This can be done anywhere in the world, with simple means. And it doesn’t need to cost much.

When you lose a limb, you lost part of your identity, profoundly affecting your own life as well as that of the people dear and near to you.

Let’s not allow that happen if it doesn’t have to.

We must end avoidable lower-limb amputations due to diabetes worldwide.