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Train the Foot Trainer

A lower limb is lost due to diabetes every 20 seconds across the world, considering that most of these could be avoided by fairly simple interventions supported by fundamental diabetes-related foot care education. However, the training of healthcare workers to deliver simple but effective diabetes-related foot care is sadly lacking in many parts of the world.

The International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot recognised this in 2003, when the Step by Step (SbS) training course was developed, and pilot projects were done in Tanzania and India. This was followed by the Train the Foot Trainer (TtFT) programme.

Train the Foot Trainer (TtFT) is an expert-led program aiming to equip healthcare workers with clinical and education skills in diabetes- related foot care, focusing on course structure, teaching methods, evaluation, data collection, networking, and resource optimization to prevent lower limb amputation, globally.

9th TtFT (Malaysia)

Western Pacific (WP) Region
6-8 october 2023

8th TtFT (Columbia)

Southern and Central America (SACA) Region
16-19 august, 2023