D-Foot International is engaged in projects that aim to make a real difference to people with and at risk of diabetic foot.

D-Foot International Cooperation Project

D-Foot International does Diabetic Foot Training in China

DFU Treatment Model and The Best Clinical Practice

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Auditing, Benchmarking and Accreditation: in search of excellence

D-Foot encourages national expert diabetic foot units to become centres of excellence under the AB(b)A label and recognised as national reference centres.

The aim of the AB(b)A project is to improve the global organisation to treat diabetic patients with foot problems in specific levels of care, to accredit the path of care, to analyse and to evaluate the different results, and to compare and improve quality of care with a holistic, patient-centred approach).

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D-Foot International Diabetic Foot Academy

Building expert capacity to prevent and treat diabetic foot

There is a global need to get more healthcare professionals excited in a career in diabetic foot. And we need more expert staff in key areas such as Charcot foot, diabetic foot infections and critical limb ischemia.

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Diabetic Foot Unit in Dakar

Setting up a diabetic foot unit and training centre

In December 2019, the Belgian Abbey of Chimay donated € 15,000 to D-Foot International to use for ‘Projet Sénégal’, to benefit diabetic foot activities in French-speaking Africa. A diabetic foot centre and training facility is being set up.

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Footwear for Low Income Regions all Together

Therapeutic footwear is essential for keeping diabetic foot ulcers under control and preventing new ones from developing. 

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Health economics

Health service research and health economics in diabetic foot care

Diabetic foot problems impose a major economic burden on the health system and society as a whole. Costs increase disproportionately to the severity of the condition.

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Train the foot trainer

Teaching foot experts how to train others

Quality education goes a long way when it comes to significantly reducing the number of lower-limb amputations due to diabetes. One of D-Foot’s main projects is training foot experts around the world how to set up education programmes for local primary care professionals and other foot specialists.

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The POINT Project

A competence framework for international diabetic foot teams

The POINT Project is an initiative between the two organisations: D-Foot International and the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP-IFP). It is an exciting and potentially far-reaching and milestone move towards promoting the competency-based training for podiatric care in people with diabetes across Europe and worldwide.

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