Footwear for Low Income Regions all Together

Therapeutic footwear is essential for keeping diabetic foot ulcers under control and preventing new ones from developing. 

FLIRT-Bird’s aim is to provide low-cost, long-lasting, fit-for-purpose footwear to diabetes patients all over the world regardless of their ability to pay. Research shows that footwear can prevent ulcers and lower-limb amputations. 

Flirt-Bird’s goals are to identify standard specifications for therapeutic footwear, train people to manufacture footwear from local materials and create awareness of the value of the footwear for the diabetes patient.

The FLIRT-Bird project is integrated with the WHO ”Global Cooperation on Assistive Medical Technology (GATE)”4 initiative, in which D-Foot is a recognised educational partner for therapeutic footwear.

Project Liaison: Gulapar Srisawasdi

Project Manager: Dennis Janisse

Project team: Neil Baker, Zahid Miyan, Kristien Van Acker


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