21st DFSICON 2024, 10th Annual IADFS and 2nd D-Foot International Conference

For the 1st time 3 organisations across the globe, working on Diabetic Foot Problems are coming together to provide a comprehensive platform for healthcare professionals, researchers and experts in the field of Diabetic Foot with the common goal Ending avoidable lower-limb amputations due to diabetes worldwide.

The DFSICON 2024 – 21st Annual Conference of the Diabetic Foot Society of India, along with 10th Annual Conference of International Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons and 2nd D-Foot International conference will be held from 27th  to 29th of September 2024 at The Westin, Mumbai, India with The Theme “Interact, Innovate, Implement and Improve”.

This conference stands as a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence in diabetic foot management.

The synergy between D-Foot International and IADFS ensures a holistic approach to diabetic foot care, aligning with our D-Foot mission, goals and focus of action.

DFSICON 2024 Website: www.dfsicon2024.com