Train the foot trainer

Teaching foot experts how to train others

Quality education goes a long way when it comes to significantly reducing the number of lower-limb amputations due to diabetes. One of D-Foot’s main projects is training foot experts around the world how to set up education programmes for local primary care professionals and other foot specialists.

Each Train-the-Foot-Trainer course trains up to 50 participants in foot care best practice, teaching methodology and how to set up a diabetic foot centre. Graduates then go out and train thousands of doctors and nurses in their own regions.

The benefit for the hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes who may no longer have to worry about amputation is incalculable.

The latest Train-the-Foot-Trainer course was organised in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 18-22 January 2020.

Our future plan is to offer Train-the-Foot-Trainer workshops in those regions where we have not been yet.


Report of the Train-the-Foot-Trainer Middle East, Abu Dhabi, 18-22 January 2020

by William A. Akiki

D-Foot International did it once again!

The 6th Train-the-Foot-Trainer course was held in Abu Dhabi from the 18th to 22nd of January 2020. The Emirate warmly welcomed more than 50 participants from all the MENA region: Egypt, Sudan, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and also observers from Romania, Somalia, India, China and Australia surrounded by an international and regional faculty all internationally recognised experts in their fields.

Despite the sensitive/critical situation, the MENA region is going through this event took place.  Thanks to the tremendous efforts of José Luis Lázaro Martínez, President of D-Foot International; Kristien van Acker, Programme Lead and Immediate Past-President; Zahid Miyan, Course Director and Regional Chair; and our local host Gulnaz Tariq, President of WUWHS and IIWCG, without forgetting all those who intensively worked in the backstage and of course all the sponsors. Also a big thank you to Christian Jérôme, President FIP-IFP, and Caroline Teugels, Executive Director FIP-IFP, for their presence and their highly appreciated input to the course.

The beautiful opening ceremony orchestrated by Zahid Miyan, followed by the President and the programme lead speeches, the regional faculty welcoming the delegates to introduce themselves and talk about the diabetic foot status in their respective countries in a very casual and fun ambience that broke the ice and put everybody comfortable for the start of a full schedule, theoretical and practical, program.

At the lunch break of the first day, some stated their confusion, others were asking: “What are we doing here?“ and many were happy because they immediately felt that this course was different.

Despite those mixed feelings among the delegates we saw them energetically participating to the workshops and attentively following the lectures searching for everything new they could learn even during the industry symposium where nobody left the room showing a lot of commitment.

This commitment was transformed into dedication starting the second day when they got into more advanced topics where the workshops were very animated and more questions were emerging after the lectures making the moderators’ tasks harder but they all managed pretty well to keep the time slots and receive the patients for the Live Cases Presentations on time.